Hi Matthew & Kelly,
Thank you for selling me another great car. Had a good run back to Somerset. Thanks for suggesting the A272. The Morgan is a very different driving experience to the Boxster and took a bit of getting used to again. I have now, and also have had the opportunity to look around the Morgan more closely. It really is a lovely car and I'm so pleased with it. When it comes to finding a good car, Matthew you have a very good eye. I'll continue to view your website and hope to be back to see you both in the future.

Best Regards

Dear Matthew,
We have arrived at the port of Dover. Just a bit sad about leaving your beautiful country (break was too short) but happy about meeting such a friendly person like you - and of course also about having bought this Morgan - I'm not sure, if I'd be able to sell it... Have a nice evening & weekend and greetings to your partner.

Kind regards
Till, Claudia & Moggy

Dear Matthew
Thank you very much for selling the MG Midget to me. Our home trip went very well and I am extremely pleased with the car. I am most certainly going to look after it for many years to come. 
If you do come across a Triumph TR7 in a shape as good as the Midget - please let me know. I would be very interested in buying that as well. 
PS - Your new website is looking very sharp. Keep up the good work !

Kind regards
Martin Ulsfort
1979 MG MIDGET 1500

Hi Matthew,
 I absolutely love the C Type MG. I do have a lot to learn it's quite a machine. So different than my  other T Series MG'S. I am recovering from a left shoulder problem so I haven't driven it too terribly much.   Shifting with the left arm and hand is tough but I'm getting there. Just thought I'd let you know it's great. And it's remarkable that it literally came through shipping without one scratch. 

Ken Balkin