The first thing I did was order a cover to match the Porsche’s, so the Touring will continue to look as immaculate as it does now. 
Thank you so much for everything.  It was quite a moment to see it again. 
I should also thank the previous custodian for looking after it so well.  I had just left it.  He clearly cherished it.

Nostalgia is a funny old thing.  While you are busy living, you don’t know what pieces of this are going to hang on in later life; which memories and objects are going to become triggers to take you back to the safety of times when the outcomes are known and the uncertainties of what could happen have happened.  It could be the smell of sea air, the sound of music, of birds, combinations of words – or a car.
In 1990 I bought two BMWs.  One was for me and one was for my father.  I knew he would use it only for the odd trip to the golf course, but I imagined it would be his last car and I chose a 325i Touring in what was at the time, the de riguer colour of silver.  The Touring spent most of its time in the garage.  Thirty-five years before, coming home from work, my father had been a front-seat passenger in a car hit by an American on the wrong side of the road and knocked into a ditch.   The driver accelerated out of the ditch, the car’s wheels stuck and it cannoned forward into a telegraph pole.  Unrestrained by a seatbelt, unheard of at the time, my father went through the windscreen.  It seemed his hat had saved him from more serious injuries than the fractures of skull, eye socket and arm that he sustained.  In the way that a child senses something, I knew that the man who came back from the hospital that night was not the man who had left home that morning.  I could not put my finger on what it was, but I assumed that what had made this easy-going man become driven and irritated must be me.  I had no idea that event would be the start of my life as a carer.
Four years after buying the Touring, my father disappeared with it, returning hours later with one of the mirrors missing.  He had no recollection where he had been or how the mirror had come off.  I hid the keys.  I also organised a brain scan.  ‘Brain damage.  Deep seated and of long standing’, was the psychiatrist’s diagnosis.  Nearly forty years after the car accident in a psychiatrist’s office on a sunny afternoon in Oxford, I suddenly realised what a victim my father was.  The decline had been imperceptible, but real.  I had become a carer without realising it.  The keys remained hidden.  He searched for them from time to time.  I could not bring myself to take his car away, but I knew he could never drive it.  It remained with its odometer on 9,800 miles, connected to a trickle charger in a corner of the garage for the next ten years.  And for the ten years after he died.
But one has to move on and the time seemed right to do so.  I took off the number I had given it from new, sold the car and assumed that was that.
Along with nostalgia, however, can come serendipity.  I wasn’t looking for it but there it was on my screen.  It was a side view of a silver Touring.  It could have been any silver Touring, but I knew it was the one even before I looked at the other photos showing its replacement number plate.  Three years after selling it, the car had come back into my life and tears filled my eyes.  It was so much more than a car, it was a chunk of my life.  It covered the period between my father almost functioning and then descending into the nightmare of dementia.  I bought it back without a second thought.
Matthew Eade told me it had been in Scotland, bought by a collector who had cherished it to the extent that it was new again.  Gone was the ding on the bonnet caused by a plummeting acorn from the oak tree that gave my house its name.  Gone was the small mark by the rear wheel arch where a careless driver had brushed against it in a car park.  Gone were the slight marks of mould in the interior when I had forgotten to leave a window ajar.  The car had been detailed – and loved.  As it would be loved again.
So I thank the previous keeper for looking after my father’s car and I thank Matthew for waiting for the perfect day to deliver it back home.  The car has returned to its accustomed place, but now protected by a fitted soft cover.  It is also back on its 777 LKR number which has its own memories for me of when I bought it decades ago for a few pounds from a fellow student who had it on his decrepit 1961 Morris Minor when we were studying German ‘O’ Level at the local Volkhochschule.
And it’s all so ‘genau’, so ‘perfekt’.
Maybe the other BMW will come back to me.  It was a 535i Sport in Dolpin Grey that I liked so much I hardly used it.  It, too, had 9000 miles on it when I sold it with the Touring.
Now I wonder where that one is…


1990 BMW 325i TOURING E30

Good evening Matthew,
The Elan has run sweetly and whilst there was a significant number of motorway I began to enjoy the Lotus experience, particularly traversing through The Peak District and across The Strines roads which I know really well.
Now at my half way stopover with long-standing lotus owning friends in Yorkshire.  They are pleased I have finally seen the light and really like the Elan!
I was very lucky that you chose to advertise the silver Elan just at the time that I had arranged a trip down from the Borders to do some viewing and it was also fortuitous that the private seller sold his car despite me being in transit to view!
It was also quite a coincidence that “Nutley” lay between our hotel and the first car viewing planned for the Monday so we were able to peer in and then arrange a viewing later in the morning.  The silver car was exceptional and is certainly going to a good home and it was not really a surprise that the first to view purchased.
We were then fortunate that you were able to arrange a viewing of the red car and it was soon obvious that it was the one that would be headed North. Seeing it in all its glory this morning as we drew up just confirmed that the right decision had been made. 
The whole experience of dealing with Nutley and Mathew, from arranging to view, viewing, to driving away was exceptional and the standards of preparation are very high. I will have no hesitation in recommending Nutley Sports & Prestige to anyone who asks “ do you know where I might be able to buy a ....”
The Yorkshire Dales and Northern Pennines will form a significant part of tomorrow’s playground with roads that are far more suited to motoring enjoyment than most of today’s.
It was a pleasure dealing with you and I will certainly be monitoring your website just in case there is another appealing gem to be found there!
All the best

Ian Lindley

Dear Matthew,
My wife & I are really pleased with the BMW 1M. It is a very special car and exactly as you discribed on the phone to me. Top class service from a true gentleman and genuine sales person. Could not be happier with our purchase.

Stephen & Leigh

Hello Matthew,
The Elite is really fantastic...I’m really enthusiast about this purchase i’m glad to thank you very much for the entremely precise description of the car and the impeccable service.
Best regards