Frank Ridley in front of his first Bicycle Shop, Nutley Garage - 1911

With the age of the motor vehicle, Frank Ridley adapted his business to accommodate.

A.F.S. Fire Tender, Frank Ridley (7th from left), Joe Ridley and 'mascot' Frank's Dog, Toby

The Auxiliary Fire Services Fordson V8 Pick-up truck, together with a Coventry Climax pump were kept at Frank Ridley's Nutley Garage. By September 1939 Nutley had a trained band of men, they included Frank Ridley and Joe Ridley (Frank’s son).

Nutley Garage just before World War 2

Nutley village, being on the southern part of the Ashdown Forest was alive with army units during the war, the army used the forest extensively as a training and settlement area. Part of Nutley Garage, which was owned and run by the Ridley family, was taken over by the W.D. in 1940 for the purpose of using the petrol storage and pumps for refuelling Army Transport vehicles.

Nutley Garage - 1930

In the 1960's Nutley Garage was an official Morris Dealer.

Original F.T Ridley business card